Red Tower Collective is seeking authors reading exceptionally unsettling passages that will work by themselves for the purposes of a spoken word anthology album. Feel free to be creative with your reading: cough, stutter, hell, give us some black metal shrieks. We can generally make everything work with some manipulation. “Normal” readings (as long as they’re “dark”) are always welcome too, but variety is always good.

These can be submitted to (in wav format please) along with a note detailing what work this comes from along with the text or “lyrics” for the album credits. We are only looking for work you own the rights too. Since this is a nonprofit venture, we do not have the funds to obtain rights to published works. The upper limit of all reading samples should be 10 to 15 minutes. Clips can be as short as you want.

Samples: musicians are encouraged to contribute as well. Want to help mix and produce? Let me know! Send a creepy backing track or anything we can sample and manipulate into the new material. The sky’s the limit here. Cosmic Ache is producing original tracks and utilizing, but the more variety the better. All music is also best submitted to in wav format with credits.

There are no deadlines, no pressure, and everyone who can participate is welcome to submit. Charities will be chosen closer to production time. Again, this is a strictly non-profit venture, and donations via PayPal (see below) will either go towards a possible physical release or to the chosen charity. You can check out the Red Tower Collective Bandcamp page here.

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